Born during the era of Adobe Flash’s slow death, Netherlands-based gaming professionals Wanted 5 Games has developed HTML5 games that are 100% cross platform. With games that have been played over 30 million times, published by thousands of portal owners worldwide and a team with over 50 developers, the love of online game development is so rich within Wanted 5 Games that they have chosen to accommodate for everybody using HTML5.

HTML5 is the internet booster pack of the internet coding language HTML, developed to increase the functionality and interactivity of the internet and its web apps. What does this mean for the pokie community? This means that everybody can play no deposit online casino games from anywhere at any time without the use of Adobe Flash.

A quick breakdown of what Adobe Flash is and why it’s dying.

Adobe Flash Player is free software that allows for the streaming of video & audio and viewing of multimedia content. This software, known as Shockwave Flash on Internet Explorer and Firefox, can run from a web browser or supported mobile devices as a plug-in.

Adobe Flash has been the base software for online pokies for many years and has served us well over time, however, it has been announced that the online freeware will allegedly be no more between February and December 2020. Due to the ease of access and lack of security, Malware developers have used Flash to create attacks on users. On top of that, Flash may possibly have some performance issues on modern devices (especially in the era of HTML5) and so, Adobe has allegedly agreed to drop it.

This will not limit your online pokie experience though and here’s why.

The Future of Online Casino Games

Online casino games have greatly reaped the rewards of HTML5 game development. Because it is not demanding of resources, it can run on any platform as long as that platform understands the core development language.

Because HTML5 pokies don’t run on Flash, online casino games have attracted a wider audience for safety and stability reasons. When playing pokies online, saving a profile requires an email address and a password. With HTML5 on the rise, increasing security measures is important.

Play safe with HTML5 games and enjoy your online pokies peacefully.